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PostSubject: [Download Anti Laaag]   [Download Anti Laaag] Icon_minitimeThu Jan 15, 2009 9:11 am

this patch was made for people with slow connection and bad ram+graphic cards and video cards so no flaming because it removes effects

* evil spirits tail (the black line behind the spirit faces)
* aqua beam (completly gone)
* PS/powerslash (completly gone)
* nova (yes i removed the lagg parts of nova when you release it, i kept the loading effect so ppl can still track guardian patchers)
* icarus clouds removed (very old but important )
* kanturu 4 and 5 clouds removed (removed them because they are 10 times more laggy than icarus without this patch xD)
* Death Stab wind effect (not so very laggy unless youre in war or duel)
* Twisting slash sparks (only thing i could remove but makes the game go slightly faster)
* Life Swell explosion removed
* atlans removed water effect and bubbles
* tarkan sandstorm gone
* All base wings removed visualy (satan, heaven, butterfly, dragon, soul, spirit)
* removed devias snow flakes
* removed chaos castle clouds (i think)
* removed illusion temple clouds
* removed login error from earlier patch
* minor changes to other maps
* OPTIONAL: gamma on +7 and above items reduced to +0 but with white layer to see if they ar +ed

* too many to list, all i can say is that 3rd wings removed and over 185 other effects removed

Download: http://yourzone.biz/hk/antilagg/AntiLagg-Version8/
mirror: https://sourceforge.net/project/show...ease_id=643677
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[Download Anti Laaag]
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